Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Walk on the wild side

It was a lovely day today, so when I finished work I decided to walk home, instead of getting the bus. This is actually a really nice walk, most of the way, even if I did have to tresspass on someone's drive. They had big signs saying not a public highway etc etc. However I reckon that if you have a drive that is at least three quarters of a mile long, and links up so perfectly between where I am and where I want to be, you can't really complain, especially as it links up with a footpath.

It was nice walking through the fields, with all the butterflys about, and random nervy dogs with brown eyebrows coming over to say hello. Then I got to Playing Place, and got an icecream from the spar shop. Then is was the loooong hill down past a primary school. This is the biggest pain when I cycle into work, as it is fairly steep, and is a mile and a half long (I have measured it), but it isn't so bad walking down, and great fun going down on a bike.

The last hill I had to get up before I got to town was really nasty, and was the only bit where there wasn't a nice cooling breeze. Got overtaken by a guy in a pickup, who took a suspiciously short stop in a layby halfway up. I suspect a sneaky line before getting home, but I may just have a suspicious mind.

Took my life in my hands crossing the dual carriageway, then down the street to home, and realised I didn't have my camera handy to take a pic of the fibreglass cow at the top of the road. I'll have to remember to take a picture before it, inevitably, gets some drunk bods deciding to go cow tipping on friday night.

Will do some pressups and situps later, if I get round to it.

Juneathon stats - day 24
walking: 4.5 miles (in 70 minutes)


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  3. It must have been a great journey.